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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Teach for Peru sponsored by Good Boys & Bad Girls!


We have been following Teach for All in Peru (Enseña Peru) for more than 3 years. The concept is amazing: they take the best students of the most prestigious universities of the country and send them to teach in the most challenging neighborhood for 2 years.

Leaders of Enseña Peru have a different approach to education than regular teachers: they are willing to reach beyond the four walls of the classroom, help their students rise above the challenges they face, and make up for weaknesses in schools and systems. Their leadership, high standards, and firm belief in their students’ abilities inspire those students to believe in themselves and strive for formerly unimaginable goals.


We are proud to be able to sponsor one of these leaders of the change: Daniela Gamboa. She just graduated from Universidad de Piura and will start in March 2015 her professional career by working 2 years in a Prekinder in Pachacutec (a low-income neighborhood in the outskirts of Lima).

This sponsorship has been possible thanks to all donations received from a wonderful “Party for Association Léon” birthday held in November 2014. We sincerely thank our kind ambassador (the birthday kid) and his generous friends : ‘’good boys and bad girls’’.


Sunday, 02 November 2014

Read now: newsletter 2014 # 2

 The second newsletter of the year is available here: 2014 10 newletter ang.pdf

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Monday, 25 August 2014

Party for Peru Champs!

We met Alberto de Cárdenas, CEO of Peru Champs in april 2014 in Lima and we turned fan imimmediately!

Their vision is to connect high-potential kids from low-income families with people around the world who are willing to fund their education. These kids will receive a scholarship to study at Innova Schools - a local chain of schools designed by the award-winning innovation firm IDEO - that provides affordable world-class education to the Peruvian emerging middle class.

Thanks to the birthday's parties of Fanny and Lionel we raised funds and could sponsor 3 kids for one year. Here are "our" kids: 

  • Roberto Montoya Riviera, 13 years old. He said: "I want to illuminate cities with an alternative form of energy"
  • Junior Ochandarte Lazo, 12 years old. He said: "I would like to redesign transportation system"
  • Sergio Mariano Zegarra Castillo, 14 years old. He said: "I want to find a cure for cancer"

Check out the website of Peruchamp


Friday, 04 July 2014

Time to eat!

You remember Taller de los Niños? We met them in september 2013 in San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima, Peru where they do a great job helping access to education to the poorest disctict of Lima. We kept contact with them and were happy to be able to support them in the renovation of their stove kitchen wich dated back 1977!

In this kitchen cooks prepare 345 meals for kids and their educators. Some of the meals travel to the houses of day mothers, taking care of small group of kids.


Thursday, 12 June 2014

Nguyen Family

Meet Nguyen family living in a challenging disctrict outside Ho Chi Minh. They have 3 kids:

  • Nguyen Bao, 17 years old, in 11th grade, he will enter 12th grade in September 2014.
  • Nguyen Loc, 11 years old, in 8 th grade, he will enter 9th grade in September 2014.
  • Nguyen Phuc, 9 years old, in 5th grade, she will enter 6th grade in September 2014.

 In spite of both parents working the family revenue is poor. The father drives a moto taxi and earns about 2.30 US$/day. He became handicaped after suffering an accident in the construction work he used to do before. The mother does cleaning and get little money for letting someone using her house to do some sawing. 

Irène Bostsarron -our representative in Vietnam- met them through Jean-Marc Mignot, a very engaged man who has been doing charity for 42 years!

Association Léon sponsored the 3 kids' educational fees for the coming school year (2014-2015).


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